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The Hitch-Viper Mobile Hitch Antenna Mount

A unique antenna mounting system for your 2 inch trailer hitch. Will support up to a 75 foot mast with proper guying.  Free standing, the mount will hold up to 20 foot with no or very light wind.

Pictures of the Hitch-Viper

Watch the video of the prototype being setup on a back of a motorhome. This video is of the first version or proto-type unit. I learned where there were mistakes and made many changes and improvements since this video was first made. For example - A much better clamping system so as not to crush a fiberglass pole.

Hitch-Viper Video

The Quadrapod Mount
A Free Standing Base Antenna Support System

This is easy to assemble for field day and will hold up most any light weight antenna or several wire antennas. If it is a little windy then guying will be suggested or needed. The mount is free standing up to 20 feet in very light wind with a small antenna.

Pictures of the Quadrapod

Repair of the WSPA TV Antenna and Tower
after the storm destroyed both.

Watch the video

This video is somewhat incomplete as the rotor wash from the sky crane chopper broke one of the legs on my tripod that the camera sat on.  The actual voice you hear on this video is that of the pilot and ground crew as copied on my Yaesu VX-7 handheld tuned to the aircraft frequency.

This is the repair of the WSPA-TV Antenna and tower located on Hogback Mountain near Spartanburg SC.  This video was taken by Bob KI4ZPF - who assisted in working on installing the new tower and getting it ready for the installation of a new antenna that was remounted via the Sky Crane heavy lift helicopter.


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