The Quadrapod




Please note that this is a "Suggested  Kit" consisting of the surplus Military 4 foot mast poles and the Quadrapod. The Quadrapod does not come with these mast.  You may choose to use what ever you wish in this mount from 1 to 3 inch in diameter.  If you choose to go more than 20 feet above ground, then it is recommended that you install guys at the required spacing to prevent buckling of the mast. Cinder blocks will work very well in light wind.  Stronger wind requires anchors driven into the ground.  Note that the mast are sold at most ham-fest and are reasonable in cost.

This Quadrapod is of my own design, 100 % cut, fitted and welded by hand by myself, as a result I know each and every piece is free from defects. It may not  have the finish of a Mercedes but rather a battle proven Hummer. These are made from schedule 40 black pipe and fully welded to a seamless square tube. Screws are tough socket head cap screws. They are fitted with a finger hold and welded in such a manor that if left outside for any length of time, that water will not collect and rust the unit out. You will also note that at the top of each round tube there is an opening that will prevent water from collecting inside of the support tube.

You may order these anchors at the time you purchase your Hitch-Viper.  At $16.00 a set of 4, there are a steal.  These are sold unpainted and are made from 1/2" rebar with schedule 40 black pipe rings welded to the rebar.  They are 10" long but may be ordered any length or diameter.  Please contact me to order special sizes etc.  Stock size is 10" long  X  1/2" rebar with rings. You may paint them any color you like !

Turning the screw back out to except the pole. There are 5 of these screws to lock the poles in place.  This also allows you to adjust the legs to straighten up the mast to vertical.  This antenna mounting system will support 20 foot mast above ground in little to no wind otherwise the antenna needs to be guyed using a suggested cinder blocks or anchors and guy rope. The use of stakes or anchors and tie down straps is recommended at all times to prevent tip over if a gust of wind comes up.  There are 4 bent rods between each leg to hook tie down straps to. This guying procedure is discussed later on in this sequence of pictures.

Insert each leg into the tube and then tighten the screw down to hold in place as others are inserted.  The center pole is last to be installed.

Remember that each leg is adjustable in length to accept any minor uneven ground, thus offering a simple way to level the tripod so that the antenna will end up vertical.

The unit is now fully assembled.  Note that the tie downs are not yet hooked up nor are the anchors installed to keep the unit from falling over. The 3 mast on the ground are going to be installed above the Quadrapod mount.

The entire unit can then be tilted over to add more poles and the antenna to obtain the required height.  Any guy rings and rope must be added / installed at this time.  Also the top of the mast could have a screw and nut "J" hook attached to allow for a pulley and rope to raise and lower a wire antenna. This would be a help if adjustments are necessary and also for assembly of the wire antenna.

The Quadrapod is now fully assembled and ready for what ever antenna or device is to be used.  In this case it will be our great American Flag

Simply pick up the poles being careful not to pull the poles apart.  Then just walk it up towards the Quadrapod base and in this case the flag is raised to fly in the wind.

Next step is to guy the unit against the wind.  Remember that this is highly recommended to keep everything vertical !

These are the bent lugs that you hook your guy straps here.  In this case they are standard tie down straps bought at Wal-Mart.  You need to set the anchors about 6 feet out from the center pole. Also you can see where I had to adjust one leg longer to get a vertical plumb.

Bob will make you heavy duty anchors upon request at the time you order.  I do not supply the tie down straps as they are readily available at Wal-Mart.  You may order guying rings with 3 or 4 tie down points - remember to shop your local ham-fest for your choice for the Military fiberglass or aluminum poles. Remember that it is recommended that the anchors be about 6 foot or more from the center mast pole depending on antenna height and wind loading of the antenna.  If one chooses to go higher than 20 feet above ground then guying the mast will be necessary..

Here Bob is setting the anchors with a small sledge hammer.  In this case the distance is about 5 feet from the center mast.  Normally this distance will increase with antenna height.

The Quadrapod is now finished and ready for use. At 20 feet above ground the antenna will support a dual 2 meter / 440 beam - using hand turning - no rotor - or several different kinds of multiband wire antennas at the same time.  Remember that the mast must be strong enough to support the weight of all that is attached to the top of this mast.

Our American Flag Flies Proudly.