Bicycle Events both Riding and Touring
taking place in and around Polk County, NC
plus in the State of North Carolina.



The Phantom Riders of Polk County

Bicycle Safety Laws in North Carolina

Several new laws were passed to increase the safety of bicyclist in North Carolina.
Here is a summary of the new bicycle friendly laws that were passed in NC this year.

1. A motorist my now legally pass a bicyclist in a no-passing zone if the bicyclist is
moving in the same direction and not turning left or signaling a left turn. When passing,
the driver must provide at least 4 feet between his or her vehicle and the
, or the passing driver must completely enter the left lane of the roadway.

2. A bicyclist may now signal to make a right turn by pointing to the right with the right
hand, as an alternative to raising the left hand.

3. Cyclist must now have a LIGHTED LAMP (IE: flashing blinking light) on the
back of their bike or wear clothing that is bright and visible from a distance of
300 feet
when operating a bike at night.  Suggest a white light facing the front of the
bicycle so that the rider is visible to on coming traffic.

4. Cyclist are advised to wear very bright clothing thus giving high visibility to drivers
who will be approaching from either direction.  Black or dark colors are considered to
be very dangerous colors.

The Spartanburg Area Mountain Bike Association, LLC


Weekly rides, trail work days, social events and fundraisers.
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SAMBA operates under SORGA (Southern Off Road Biking Assoc.)
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Bicycle Tours and Challenges
that take place in or through Polk County, NC.
These events all have entry fee's to enter and
all have full on course support provided to the riders.

None of these events are considered to be Sanction Races.

Below are these one day events

Was ended in 2017. The main reason is that there were not enough people willing to assist in staging this event. Therefor I have been asked to put the old web page back on line for those of you that might wish to ride the old Fabulous 4th Tour Route. This link contains the maps and cue sheet with other information minus the registration section. Please feel free to down load all 3 of the maps and cue sheets and ride this route any time you might wish.  Just be mindful of the weather.

The best time to do this ride is in the Fall Color Season!
Mid to late October is the best time.

Fabulous 4th Bicycle Route

The Assaults on Mt. Mitchell and Marion Challenge.

102 miles with about 11,000 total vertical feet of climbing pits you against the mountain  -  The Assault Mt. Mitchell Challenge. The first 2/3rd of the 102 miles works out to be about 72 miles with about 6,000 feet of climbing. Now for the last part of the challenge really shows it ugly head. There is still another 26 miles plus another 5000+ feet of climbing facing you! You better have the legs to make this climb !!!!

This site also is a tribute page to
John Bryan ~ Founder of this challenge.
This is the History of the Event with pictures
and information not found on the 'official' web site.
All of the patches awarded are shown as well
as the times of all of the known riders for each year.

The Hincapie Tour & Challenge Event
Select the Gran Fondo Hincapie Link