Motorcycle Christmas Toy Run
Polk County, NC
November 29, 2014

    Polk County Toy Run =    +    For Kids

Start line of the 2009 crowd - about 800 bikers!


Annual Motorcycle Toy Run

Date : Last Saturday of November each year

Location : Saluda Fire Department, 64 Greenville St.,  Saluda NC,

Event Times : Registration 11:00 AM ~ 1:30 PM

Parade : Starts at 2:00 PM Sharp.  Police Escort for the entire way.

Registration Fee : $10.00 per person or a $10.00 or more NEW toy.

Contact : Please call the Sheriffs office at 828-894-3001

The Public is invited to watch the parade of motorcycles
and to come to Columbus NC Courthouse and make a donation.

This event will feature barbeque, music, door prizes and a 50/50!

The toy run is held on the Last Saturday after Thanksgiving each year. To find the route to the Saluda Fire Department, please click on the map link below. You can turn out to cheer the riders on in the various towns along the way. Remember to bring your cameras as this is quite a show of some very finely detailed classy motorcycles and wild choppers.

 All motorcycle riders are invited to participate in this ride. Motorcycle riders come not only from North and South Carolina but Tennessee and Georgia to make sure that these kids got at least get at least one toy for Christmas.

The route these riders follow will start in Saluda, NC, at the Saluda Fire  Departments parking lot, which has room for more than 1000 bikes.  They then move out in parade fashion and travel down to Saluda to Highway US-176 to pass through Tryon, NC while in route to Landrum, SC.  Having arrive in Landrum, SC, the riders turn left and go through the center of the town of Landrum, SC, crossing over Interstate 26 in route to Green Creek, NC. Once they arrived there, they then turn North on NC-9 to go to Mill Spring, NC.  Arriving there, the riders turn West on NC-108 to head in on the home stretch to Columbus, NC, and terminate at the front steps of the Court House.  There will be ample parking in front of the Court House for the most all of the Motorcycles, so park in normal diagonal fashion. The toys were placed on the steps and wall for all to see and admire.  The column of bikers each year is somewhere round about 10 miles long.  They travel at about 35 mph on the entire route in offset staggered 2 by 2 fashion.

General information about the event:

The Polk County Toy Run is an annual event that's mission is to raise money and toys for area organizations to give to  underprivileged children at Christmas time.

At the courthouse, the public is invited to attend where the riders will ride down the mountain through Tryon, then Landrum, and Green Creek and end up at the Polk County NC Courthouse in Columbus, NC.

At the courthouse, the public is invited to attend where the rider are met by Santa Clause to drop off their toys and or make donations. The entry fee is for each rider to make a $10 donation or bring a unwrapped $10 or more new toy.

There will be T-Shirts on sale to promote the event as well as a 50/50 drawing and door prizes.

Come and support this worth while event weather you ride a motorcycle or choose to just come to watch and take in all of the festivities!

The Polk County Sheriffs office would like to thank all of the motorcycle riders that participated in this event and hope that it will only grow larger each year.

Map to the staging area on this link.

Map of the entire route you will ride on this link.

Enjoy the videos and pictures of these events from over the years.

2009 Video of the Toy Run
There were about 800 riders this year.
Sorry, there were no pictures take in 2010.
I was in the VA Hospital.

2011 Pictures of the Toy Run
About 600 riders this year even though it was damp and cold!
Thank you to all of the Riders !

2012 Pictures of the Toy Run
Only about 500 riders this year due to being VERY cold.
Thanks to the brave souls.

2013 Video of the Toy Run
2013 Pictures of the Toy Run
About 800 riders this year made the trip.
Temperature was about 48 degrees most of the day.
Thanks to all !

Additional information is available on
Facebook @ Polk County NC Toy Run

Additional videos of these events may also be found on U-Tube.
Search for Polk County NC Toy Run, Saluda NC Toy Run, and
Columbus NC Toy Run.

Come join in the fun and give a toy or a cash donation !


Lets match this year!