Thermal Belt Amateur Radio Club

Unless otherwise stated all HAM equipment is in either excellent or near mint condition having never been modified or altered except by the factory. However a lot of the factory options offered by the various manufactures may have been installed in the equipment and is noted as such.
Some of the test equipment comes from a retired non smoking Electronics Technician. 

All equipment may be picked up locally in Tryon, NC.
All items are normally shipped via USPS with a tracking number.
 Several items are not shippable due to their size and or weight.
These items must be picked up in Tryon NC.

For any item listed below - you may contact me at the following: 
Robin Michael - KV4AL.
828-817-0467 cell.
P.O. Box 1016
Tryon, NC 28782

This page was last updated on 06/25/2019

Please note that equipment is not listed in any set order and is a mixture of many different things from audio to radio gear to test equipment to stage equipment to PA Work. Scroll down to see all items being offered.

As I get new stuff in it is added to this page and the above date will change.

Pictures Description / Price

Tektronix's  TM-500 Series test equipment

The reason for several of the same type of modules was that there were
4 different bench setups and each did a different job.  However, as displayed. The modules were randomly placed into the various cabinets after testing.
Manuals for each unit are on disc in pdf format. All include the operational manual and most include the schematics and service literature of the unit as well.

TM-500 Series equipment.

Patriot Emergency
Solar Power
Generating System

1500 watt Sine Wave Inverter with a
Li-Lo Po Battery unit.

100+ watt folding Solar Panel.

Generator weight 36 lbs.
2 Panels combined weight is 15 lbs.
Total weight of both units together is 51 lbs.

Has a 25 foot solar panel to inverter #12 Gauge connecting cable and a AC cord for when shore power is restored to recharge the battery.
Full information


A Pair of
Suzuki Q-Chord's

Comes with 8 cartridges and 2 Hard Cases.
All of the accessories are included.
In New Condition.
A large collection of music books for playing on these units.

$150.00 for the pair
Plus Shipping

Soundcraft Inc. top of the line powered mini-mixer with 30 watts per channel (RMS) power amps. Just add 2 speakers to complete the system.

Full information

Yahama KM 802 = 8 + 2 mixer.
No Amp is built in. Primary designed for keyboard mixing and feeding to master mixer or recorder. Has a local monitor output.

Full Information

DX Engineering HF Receiver

DX Engineering's HF Antenna Pre-Amp REQUIRES a separate receive antenna and also a RX antenna input on your rig separate from the TX antenna jack. This is ideal for a rhombic or other very high gain antenna that is use in parallel with a separate transmitter antenna.  These antennas must be auto switch between RX and TX modes BY your rig.

includes shipping.

Heath Kit IM-2260

Solid State Multimeter
Comes with Manual

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