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Most of what you see listed below at this time comes from several hams
that are having to downsize their homes due to heir health reasons.
Most all of this equipment is in either
excellent or near mint condition having
never been modified or altered.  However a lot of the factory options offered by the
various manufactures were installed in this equipment and is noted as such.

All of this equipment comes from

This test equipment comes from a retired non smoking Radio/TV/Audio Technician. 

NOTE : I am not set up for Pay Pal, so I
cannot offer this as a payment option.
US Postal Money Order, Certified Bank Draft
or Cash is OK.

All equipment may be picked up locally in Tryon, NC.
All items are normally shipped via USPS with a tracking number.
 Several items are not shippable due to their size and or weight.
These items must be picked up in Tryon NC.

For any item listed below - you may contact me at the following: 
Robin Michael - KV4AL.
828-817-0467 cell.
P.O. Box 1016
Tryon, NC 28782

This page was last updated on 09/11/2017


Please note that equipment is not listed in any set order and
is a mixture of many different things from audio to radio gear to
stage equipment for bands. Scroll down to see all items being offered.

Pictures Description / Price

Please Note:
The Flex 6700 Transceiver and the Kenwood TS-990 Transceiver HAVE BEEN SOLD.
There appears that several other websites have picked up these two radios
and have listed them. I do not know which sites nor can I remove these listings.


Partial listing of test equipment for sale.

The Tektronix's TM-500 Series
All units are in excellent working order and are still in use now.

All units may be looked up on the net and manuals can also be found there
for your review as to the capabilities of each module.

If interested in all of this equipment as a package - then a very good price can
be offered.  I would suggest that due to weight of all of the equipment that
arrangements be made to pick up this package.  Otherwise the unit are available
as separate units.  However the SC-504 Scope and TM-502 power supply / case must stay together.

Click here to see all these modules


Motorola Service Monitor Model R-1200AX in good working condition

Singer Instrumentation Communications Service Monitor Model FM-10CS
with maintenance manual and operational manual.

Some Sencore test equipment including CRT tester, Sub box, plus other
items to be listed here shortly once I am able to get it all into inventory.

Contact KV4AL for additional information and pricing.

Roland C-80 Electronic
Harpsichord / Organ

Fantastic Instrument.  Completely self contained with built in amp and speaker system. May also drive any externally powered PA speaker system. This was used in a number of local concerts.

Full Information

Patriot Emergency
Solar Power
Generatoring System

1500 watt Sinewave Inverter & Li-Lo Battery unit.
100 watt folding Solar Panel.

Generator weight 36 lbs.
Panels combined weight is 15 lbs.

Has a 25 foot solar panel to inverter 12 Gauge connecting cable.
Full information

This is a Commercial Grade Counter

Model 1992

Nanosecond Universal
Frequency Counter

With factory Manual in binder.

This is a precision counter used to calibrate Radio TX Osc. found in high end radios. Sold new at $1500.00

Includes shipping

JBL EON 15" Powered Speakers Model
EON Power10/15

Power is provided by a 130 watt amp for the 15" speaker and 50 watt amp for the High Frequency compression speaker

PDF specks on this link

for the pair which includes connecting cable and power cords.  Note PICKUP only due to weight.


Full information

Complete sound system for a small band.
Great sound from a powerful amp and
EQ unit and the mixer is good for
recording and making CD's. Just add your
choice of speakers to complete.

8 Channel
Stereo Mixer

Rack mounted Performance Stage sound package consisting of rack mounted EV Recording Capable Mixer board, Yahama Reverb unit REV-100, Stereo dual 16 channels EQ - and Peavey 500 watt (RMS) stereo power amp  (250w RMS per Channel). 

All equipment is mounted in the rack and it is on wheels.

Not really shippable. 
Would recommend pickup only.

Full information

These three filters may be purchased
as a package for $175.00

includes shipping

If you are involved with field day or contest work with multi radio setups and the antennas are very near each other then this is just the thing you need to prevent cross interference between rigs.

30 Meters Band Pass
Antenna Filter

Band pass filter for 30 meters.  This allows for one to transmit in a group of radios on different bands with no interference between bands and radios.  Antennas may be in close proximity.

New $75
includes shipping.

20 Meters Band Pass
Antenna Filter

Band pass filter for 20 meters.  This allows for one to transmit in a group of radios on different or the same bands with no interference between bands and radios.  Antennas may be in close proximity.

New $75
 includes shipping.

10 Meters Band Pass Antenna Filter

Band pass filter for 10 meters.  This allows for one to transmit in a group of radios on different bands with no interference between bands and radios.  Antennas may be in close proximity.

New $75
includes shipping.

Royce CB / QRP Field Strength
and SWR Bridge Meter

This is ideal for QRP operation and was designed for use with CB Radio as well.  The Field Strength part works very well and is ideal for fine tuning an antenna.  Comes with a Manual and original box and field strength antenna.

and includes shipping

DX Engineering HF Receiver

DX Engineering's HF Antenna Pre- Amp REQUIRES a separate receive antenna and RX antenna input on your rig.  This is separate from the Transmitter antenna. This is ideal for a rhombic or other very high gain antenna that is use in parallel with a separate transmitter antenna.  These antennas must be auto switch between RX and TX modes by your rig.

includes shipping.


Simpson Model 260 VOM Meter

Just back from calibration November 2015.

Includes shipping

Weston 1477 Type 1

Very accurate DC Mill Volt and Micro Amperes Meter with mirror scale.

Full information

Heath Kit IM-2260

Solid State Multimeter
Comes with Manual

Full information

Supports most all of the
HF Digital formats today.

KAM Plus

with V8.2 ROMs
Like new with all accessories. Todays Current software available from the Internet for all of the different HF Modes.

Full information

Want a 50 watt transmitter using your HT?

Mirage 2 Meter

Pre-Amp & 50 watt Power Amp for HTs and other low power VHF units. Works with 2m / 220 / 440 HTs.

Includes shipping