The Thermal Belt Amateur Radio Club now has to REQUIRE you to submit an email request to take the FCC Ham exam so that we can line up the VE's to give the test. This applies to any test level.

Please include your name, phone number and test level that you wish to take in your email

Send your request to:  thermalbelt250@gmail.com


Testing Information

Please Follow these Steps

Step 1: If you are planning to take the FCC Test for your Technician HAM radio license of you plan to upgrade, then the FCC now requires you to obtain or have your FRN Number from the FCC Web Site at least 1 week prior to taking the test.  You must have this number to take the test.


The FRN web address is : https://apps.fcc.gov/cores/userLogin.do

How to for a NEW FRN Number.

Please >Click< on the >Register<  link and follow the instructions.  When the FTN Number is issued to you then write it down and also print out the screen.  This will include the leading 000 before the number. Save a screen shot to your hard drive for future reference as you will need it again should you decide to upgrade or make changes to your license. You will NOT  get an email with this information sent to you from the FCC. Place this information in a your password list for safe keeping. Without this you cannot get a copy of your CALL sign license from the FCC.



Are you getting your Tech or upgrading your license?

Step 2: IF you are getting the Tech License then you will have to have a photo ID and your FRN number. IF you are upgrading from Tech to General or Extra, you will have to bring a copy of your current HAM License and your FRN number with you as required by the FCC.

Warning : We do not have a copy machine at the testing site.

Step 3: For ALL Licenses you must have to have a photo ID card with you - IE: Drivers License is OK for the Photo ID. 

Step 4: Next - DO NOT make your check out until you are asked to do so by the VEC in charge. You will then be told by the VEC to whom to make the check out to. Cash for the exact amount is also accepted. Currently the fee for taking the test is $10.00 at the TBARC Club location. Other testing centers have different fees.

Please be aware that the FCC will be charging a fee for your license in the near future. We expect this will start some time in towards the end of the summer this year (2021).  We have not been notified of the new official fee schedule yet. When this information is available it will be posted here. However the anticipated fee is $35.00, so get your license soon.

Step 5: The link below will take you to where you will log in to obtain a copy of your current FCC "HAM" license.

Follow the instructions carefully and make sure that you have your FTN number, log-in and password as this is required.  Follow the on screen instructions below to print and to save you license to your computer.


Following are the steps to print your license out:
1. In License Manager enter your FRN number and your password you supplied when you initially got your FRN #, then click submit.
Forgot your password - never had a password ?  Then click on the Contact Tech Support link. Follow instructions lost password instructions. Count the number of digits you enter carefully.
2. Under License Manager, My Licenses you will see your current licenses including your ham license.
3. At the tope of the page find: Change your paper authorization preferences HERE or download your official electronics authorizations NOW and click now.
4. In Licenses Manager download authorizations, My Authorizations (part way down the page) click on the License you wish to print, e.g. your ham license and then click ADD.
5. Finally click "DOWNLOAD" (farther down on the right).
6. Your license will appear as a *.PDF document for saving and or printing. Check your download folder to make sure it is there. The file will have a bunch of numbers as a file name.
7. Print it out and SAVE to a safe place on your computer where you can find it again when you need it, IE: upgrading to a higher license level or to travel.