Everyone is welcome at the American Legion Bingo on Friday Night!
Legion Hall opens Every Friday Night from 6:00 to 9:30 pm


The canteen opens at 6:30 and offers: water, soft drinks, popcorn, candy, crackers, chips, hot dogs, chicken salad sandwiches, cake slices plus other items are available.

New players to the game.
Never played? Then we have people who will help teach you the ins and outs of the game.

We offer 21 games per night. 
16 are regular games,
4 are specials,
The last one is the Cover-All game.

Cost to play Bingo

$21 will allow one to play all 21 games for the evening.

$0.50 is 2-card strip
$0.75 is a 3-card strip
$1.00 gives you 5 cards (1 strip of 3-card strip and 1 strip of 2-card strip)
$1.25 gives you 6-cards (2 of 3-card strips)

$1.00 per 3-card strip on special games

$1.00 per card on cover-all game
$3.00 per 3-card strip on cover-all game

Regular Games
The cost varies according to how many cards you choose to play each game.


Note that there are 4 different color cards for these games. You may purchase any combination of these cards but this is the only way they are available. Please refer to the pricing guide above for the cost per game.

Jackpots for regular games have been know to grow to as much as  $50.00, or more, per game.

Regular game jackpots start at $15.00 minimum per game.
The more players, the higher this jackpot goes. 


The Special Games


These 4 special games occur as the 1st, 6th, 11th and 16th games.
Bingo is in the special white or color numbers only.

There are 4 special games with differing ways to Bingo.

These game jackpots have been known to pay $50.00 or more per game.


The Cover-All  Game

This game has 2 types of cards.
A single as shown above or a 3 card strip.
Each single card is $1.00
Each strip of 3 cards is $3.00

The Last Game of the Evening

The last game is the COVER ALL - and is the big jackpot for $500.00
This is the "Cover All" game and the rules are simple but different.
You must cover all numbers on a game card within 'X' number of calls. 
"X" number of calls is based on a progressive increase per week if the jackpot is not won.
If the cover-all is not won for that week, then the game continues till there is a winner, the consolation jackpot is $100.00. If the $500.00 jackpot is not won, then "X" number of calls increases by one number for the next week.


100% of the Bingo profits are used to assist other Veteran Centered Organizations, local Veterans and their families and to help sponsor a variety of community activities.

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