Saluda Grade in the Spring of 2013

These pictures were taken at the end of March 2013.
You will be able to see the demise of the rail line as it is today.
I would guess about 80 % of the ties are totally rotten and the
trestle over the Melrose Falls is washed out and would not allow
a train to pass over it at this time.  I hope to hike down to the trestle and
and take some pictures but I have not had the time yet to make the trip.

The safety track is totally useless with out major work to restore it.  The
tracks now have trees of more than 8 inches growing up through the middle
of the rails.  Most of the ties no longer have the pins in them rail alignment
plates.  The spur is in very sad shape and would need to be completely rebuilt.

The signals are for the most part still usable but will require work.  The work
shelter and storage shed are totally damage by vandals and would have to
be replaced.  Most of the track has vegetation growing next to the line since
it has not been sprayed to control the growth.  Most all of the signals on the
main line have been removed and move to be used elsewhere on the line.


Below is what is left of the safety track
at the bottom of the grade.