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Suicide Prevention Help Line -> 881 the press 1



Attention All Veterans

Veterans Service Officer
Location in
Polk County NC is at 75 Carmel Lane, Columbus NC. Please phone for an appointment at 828-894-0003, as this is a one person office.

Free Breakfast on April 15th
All Veterans and Spouses / Drivers are welcome.

Location is the Tryon Presbyterian Church located at
430 Harmon Field Road in Tryon NC.

Breakfast being served between 0830 thru 0930 Hours.
Seating opens at 0800 and ends at 1000 Hours.

Menu has been expanded to include the following items:

Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Pancakes, Coffee, Juice.
Pancakes are available as gluten free or regular.

Come join us this morning and meet up with other veterans.

Special Information for in home care
 For those that have a love one that is having trouble living in the home, this paper will help you get the care for them that they need.  It also will show you how to spot the troubles BEFORE it becomes a major problem.

Please down load this sheet and read it carefully.
Click HERE.



To All Veterans and Spouses

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The following are the Face Book Pages for the various Veterans Groups
that are found in Polk County NC. You can connect to all of the pages
and follow all of the veterans activities in Polk County NC and Landrum SC.  Or you may visit their web pages found further down on this page for more detailed information.

For VFW Post 9116 in Columbus NC

For the Veterans Memorial Park in Columbus NC

The Polk County NC Memorial Honor Guard

The American Legion Post 250, Tryon NC

Below you will find the actual web pages for various post
that you may go and visit, see what they have to offer you,
and maybe join in and become a member of.



The Two Active Military Service Posts in Polk County NC


Arlington Nation Cemetery


The Very First Vietnam Veterans
National Memorial

Constructed between 1968 ~ 1971
Started During  the 1968 TET Offensive.
Angel Fire    New Mexico
A 35 minute video.

Click here to view the history and the video



History of Bryant Homer Womack.
Polk County's Medal of Honor Recipient.
The Korean War Conflict.
Includes a special video.

To the Womack P


Do you wish to purchase a Veterans Brick for inclusion in the Veterans Park? 
Here is how to do it.

This is how the bricks will look.
The Veterans Brick, as shown in the above sample photo, will include your Veteran's Name, Rank, Branch of Service, and Years Served in the Military. These bricks will be installed in an area of the park where they should not be walked on by the public.
For an application to order a Veterans Park Brick please Click Here.

Please complete this form and return it, along with your check, to the Town of Columbus NC.

The Veterans Park
Columbus, North Carolina

Below are pictures of the festivities
at the Veterans Park and the Parades
plus history of the Veterans Park
in Columbus, NC.

2002 History of the Veterans Park
This is from the Tryon Daily Bulletin - Nov. 8, 2002
- in a scanned PDF format.

2002 History of the Polk County Veterans
This was a listing of all of the Veterans
that were living in this area during this time.
From the Tryon Daily Bulletin
A Special Veterans Pullout Section - Nov. 8, 2002
- in a scanned PDF format.

2011 ~ Festivities at the Veterans Park
 and the Dedication of the House of Flags

2012 ~ Festivities at the Veterans Park

2013 ~ Veterans Day Parade

2015 ~ Veterans Day Parade

2016 ~ A Eagle Scout Project to put a roof
 on the Pavilion at the Veterans Park.

2016 ~ Veterans Day Parade

2017 ~  Veterans Day Parade
and a Presentation in Columbus, NC

2019 ~ Memorial Day at the Veterans Park

2019 ~ Dedication of the Charters Of Freedom
at the Veterans Park in Columbus, NC

2019 ~ Veterans Day Parade in Columbus, NC
Plus photos at the Veterans Park and Saluda, NC

2020 ~ The Veterans Park War Memorials
showing the progress that has been made to date.
This page has been updated on 6-30-21.

2020 ~ Veterans Day showing activities in both
Polk County NC Veterans Park and Saluda NC

2021  ~ Veterans Day Parade in Columbus NC

2021 ~ Honor Guard Firing Salute and Taps
at the Veterans Memorial Park. 
Sorry for the fuzzy picture but it was poring down
rain the whole time this took place.
To view the video click on the Face Book link:
Honor Guard Salute

2022 ~ Veterans Day in Columbus and Saluda NC.



Polk County Memorial Honor Guard

Pictures of the Polk County Memorial Honor Guard plus
requirements to become a member of the Honor Guard.

Polk County Memorial Honor Guard

Polk County Honor Guard had a little help from the Patriot Riders when they were at Black Mountain NC State Veterans Cemetery.

Flag Pole is finally installed in front of the
American Legion Post 250, Tryon, NC


Bingo is up and running again.
Full information may be found here
on this page - please click here.

These are all of the various Veterans Posts located through out this area.
American Legion National
 Web Page
V.F.W. National Headquarters
Web Page
NC State American Legion HQ
Web Page
NC State V.F.W HQ.
Web Page
The American Legion is open to ANY Veteran that has served in any branch of the military and has a honorable discharge.  The Legion offers assistance and / or guidance to any Veteran in need or has to deal with the VA. The V.F.W. page has a list of military awards / ribbons that will indicate if you qualify for membership.  Please click on any link below and check to see if you  have earned one of the awards / ribbons. Please keep in mind that these are all combat zones in all years.

Post 10349
Mill Spring, NC

This site has been archived
for its history.

Post #4873
Landrum, SC

Post #4873 was merged with
Post #11252 in Chesnee SC in the Spring of 2012.

DAV National Headquarters

D.A.V. Chapter is located in Hendersonville NC.

Please Note: The Asheville DAV Chapter #2 has been merged with the Hendersonville Chapter #14.

The DAV Chapter #14 in Hendersonville has a Facebook page that is currently under construction at this time. Will update this information here when I receive it from their Post.

NC State V.V.A. HQ

V.V.A. Chapter #1049
Spartanburg SC

The contact person for this post currently is Larry Miller at 864-663-9482. This post holds their meeting on the 2nd Saturday at 0830 hrs. at the American Legion in Spartanburg SC.  This meeting includes a breakfast with a RSVP required. There is No Web Page at this time but they have a face book page only. Contact via email is via vvachapter1049@yahoo.com.

 V.V.A. Chapter #124
Asheville NC

This chapter meets at the Charles George VA Hospital in the multi purpose room in the basement level of the VA Hospital at 1800 hrs. The meeting are normally held on the 3rd Tuesday each month. No web page at this time.

I have no current contact information at this time.


Our new military branch of service!

For those that want to know what the "SPACE FORCE" is all about then take a few minutes and watch the U-Tube Video on this subject. It should answer most all of your questions. Click on the link below.
Space Force Video

What’s the Story Behind the Space Force Flag?

Of all the U.S. Armed Forces flags, we think it’s fair to say that the Space Force flag stands alone. For better or worse, this is generally the agreed-upon notion. Some love the flag, and others despise its comic-book feel (some even think it was ripped directly from Star Trek). Will you change your mind once you discover why the Space Force flag looks the way it does?

The Design of the Space Force Flag

The flag was first unveiled in 2020 at the White House by President Trump. Because of this, some have called it “Trump’s Space Force flag;” however, many elements of the ag itself were created long before Trump’s administration took office, and some aspects of it were created before the Space Force itself was even a thing.

The U.S. Space Force flag is a perfect visual representation of the USSF’s missions. It shows what looks like a silver, beveled arrowhead on top of a globe spinning in its elliptical orbit with the Polaris star and star clusters all around it. This is all topped off by the black background to represent, of course, the vastness and literal blackness of space.

Below this imagery are the words “UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE” with “MMXIX” underneath that, both in white. MMXIX is the Roman numeral representation of 2019, which is the year the Space Force was founded.

The arrowhead mentioned above isn’t actually an arrowhead, however. It’s the simplified representation of the Delta wing, also called the Delta symbol, used throughout official USSF seals, emblems, and flags. The Delta has several elements that make it a vital part of the United States Space Force flag.

The Meaning behind the Space Force Flag’s Delta Wing

 The Delta was created and used for the first time in 1961 within the USAF. Though simplified in the Space Force flag, the Delta is a beautifully complex icon that perfectly embodies the USSF’s heritage, missions, and place in the U.S. Armed Forces.

The Delta is an upward-pointing arrow with four points. There’s a star in the middle, four beveled elements, interior spires, negative space, and an outer border that all have important meanings.

The outer border symbolizes their dedication to the protection and defense of the space domain.

The black negative space between elements represents the vastness of deep space.

The beveling represents the four branches of the United States Armed Forces that support the USSF’s missions: Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy.

The two interior spires symbolize a rocket being launched into space.

The star in the middle is Polaris, a guiding star that represents how the USSF’s core values will continue to guide them through each mission they embark on.

U.S. Space Force Flag vs. Star Trek

Some people just can’t take the Space Force flags seriously because they look too similar to the Star Trek flag for the United Federation of Planets Starfleet Command. How much is the Space Force flag like Star Trek, really? We think the similarities are quite shocking.

Star Trek’s flag uses a symbol that looks incredibly similar to that of the USSF’s Delta. They also have a star in the middle of the Delta, an elliptical orbit, and star-like clusters in the background. Though the colors aren’t the same, the similarities are undeniable. Did the military blatantly rip off the much-beloved Sci-Fi franchise?

Many people, including original James T. Kirk actor William Shatner, say this isn’t the case.

According to an op-ed piece written by Shatner for Military Times, “Star Trek has borrowed so much of its iconic rank symbols from the U.S. military and NASA. When you unveiled the Space Force logo, many immediately saw it as an homage to ‘Star Trek’ (even though our Delta was an homage to the previous military space insignias).”

 As much of the Star Trek universe already shows parallels to general military structures, it makes sense that the creators and design leads would take inspiration from real-world military iconography to make their shows and movies truer to real life (at least, as much as possible).

The Space Force Flag Perfectly Represents the Branch

 For us, we think the Space Force flag is a perfect representation of everything the USSF does and embodies. Regardless of anyone’s opinions on the flag, it’s sure to remain a mainstay for the branch for many, many years to come. 

The History of TAPs

This is quite a telling story from the Civil War Era when this music was composed. This also includes the words which most people do not know exist.

The House of Flags
located in Columbus, North Carolina

This museum display more than 300 flags that represent
our country from its earliest days through today.
For more information and / or to schedule group tours contact them at:
www.houseofflags.org or call 828-894-5640 for more information.

The Above and Beyond Memorial

58,000+ Dog Tags for KIA's / MIA's.
The National Veterans Art Museum of Chicago, IL.

Vietnam Era ROMAD / FAC / TAC-P / J-TAC  Web Page
The Forward Air Controller and Radio Operator in the Vietnam Era

693rd Radar Squadron (AC&W ~ ADC)
Home Land Defense ~ Dauphin Island AL

KWVA Chapter 314

Korean War / Korean Defense Ribbons

The Korean war was over in 1954 but the Current USA Military Korean Defense is still on going and it does not have an end date yet insight. 

IF you were stationed at any time in South Korea as PCS for 30 days or more then you are qualified to have this Ribbon for the Korean Defense Ribbon    and thus you are eligible for being a member of this veterans group.

Please note that this ribbon - center above - is a Expeditionary Ribbon    issued to all Korean Veterans of the actual Korean War.

Korean War Veterans Association, Chapter 314 of Western North Carolina, Upstate South Carolina, and Eastern Tennessee.

To become a member of this Korean Veterans Association please go to this link and fill out the form on-line then either submit it on-line or mail, with your check to the address provided. 

This is the main KWVA National Headquarters website.

Application to Join the KWVA

Hendersonville Chapter 314 Web Page

Hendersonville Chapter 314 Facebook Page

Remember that "Freedom is Not Free"

 "Korean War Veterans in Their Own Words"

Below are some useful resource links for those Veterans that need this information.
Veterans Resources

What is a Typical Recruit

A Tribute To Our Troops
and a prayer for them. 

What Is A Vet 

Wife Of A Vet 

A Bit Of History

Just take a moment. Have you ever wondered what happened
to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence? 

Please do not forget the

To Look Up A Loved Ones' Name And / Or
The Name Placement On The Vietnam Memorial Wall
Please visit this link:  http://thewall-usa.com/


This link will take you to the National Parks
Information Center for the Vietnam Wall National Memorial.


The Wall's Stories and links